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devenv 0.5


  • devenv search now shows results from the options that can be set in devenv.nix:

devenv search results


  • Rust language support now integrates with fenix to provide stable/nightly/unstable toolchain for cargo, rustc, rust-src, rust-fmt, rust-analyzer and clippy.

  • Python language now sets $PYTHONPATH to point to any installed packages in packages attribute.

  • Ruby langauge support now defaults to the latest version 3.1.x, ships with an example running rails, sets $GEM_HOME and $GEM_PATH environment variables. Next release will support picking any version of Ruby - please leave a thumbs up.

  • jpetrucciani contributed Nim, V and HCL/Terraform languages support.



Bug fixes

devenv 0.4


  • New command devenv info shows locked inputs, environment variables, scripts, processes and packages exposed in the environment.

  • Tracebacks are now printed with most relevent information at the bottom.

  • New option process.implementation allows you to choose how processes are run. New supported options are overmind and process-compose.

  • Instead of passing each input separately in devenv.nix, the new prefered and documented way is via inputs argument, for example inputs.pre-commit-hooks.

  • samjwillis97 contributed support for MongoDB.

  • shyim contributed MySQL/MariaDB support.

  • shyim made PHP configuration more configurable, for example you can now set extensions.

  • JanLikar improved PostgreSQL support to expose psql-devenv script for connecting to the cluster.

  • datakurre added robotframework support.

Bug fixes

  • Composing using inputs has been fixed.

  • It's now possible to use devenv on directories with spaces.

  • Update checker is no longer using environment variables to avoid some corner cases.

devenv 0.3

It has been 3 days since 0.2 release, so it's time for 0.3:


Bug fixes


devenv 0.2

After an intense weekend and lots of incoming contributions, v0.2 is out!


  • All the devenv.nix options you can define now come as an input (instead of being packaged with each devenv release). To update the options you can run devenv update and it will match devenv.nix reference.

  • New devenv search command:

$ devenv search ncdu
name         version  description
pkgs.ncdu    2.1.2    Disk usage analyzer with an ncurses interface
pkgs.ncdu_1  1.17     Disk usage analyzer with an ncurses interface
pkgs.ncdu_2  2.1.2    Disk usage analyzer with an ncurses interface

Found 3 results.
  • shyim contributed Redis support and is working on MySQL.

  • Languages: raymens contributed dotnet, ankhers contributed Elixir and Erlang support.

  • If devenv.local.nix exists it's now also loaded, allowing you to override git committed devenv.nix with local changes. Hurrah composability!

Bug fixes

  • Variables like env.DEVENV_ROOT, env.DEVENV_STATE and env.DEVENV_DOTFILE are now absolute paths paths
  • shyim fixed /dev/stderr that is in some environments not available.
  • domen fixed shell exiting on non-zero exit status code.


Hello world: devenv 0.1

After lengthy conversations at NixCon 2022 about Developer Experience and current painpoints around documentation, I've started hacking and experimenting.

The goal is to bring the strengths of Nix to the world with what we have best to offer, and I'm happy to announce:

devenv: Fast, Declarative, Reproducible, and Composable Developer Environments

Local containerless environments

One of the reasons why developer environments are moving into the cloud are the lack of good tooling how to make those environments reproducible.

In the last decade we've doubled down on shipping binary blobs in containerized environments.

Just as we went from virtual machines to containers, we can make one step further and create guarantees at the package level and treat those as a building block.

devenv 0.1 release brings the basic building blocks for many possibilities of what can be built in the future.

I invite you to explore the documentation and give it a try.


I'm looking forward in what ways the developer community uses devenv and stay tuned for roadmap updates by subscribing at our newsletter at the bottom of the page.