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Running devenv in a container

While devenv is designed to be run on your local machine, we are looking to add support for running devenv inside a container.

Something like:

devenv shell --in-container
devenv test --in-container

This would be convenient when the environment is too complex to set up on your local machine; for example, when running two databases or when you want to run tests in a clean environment.

Generating containers with full environment

Currently, enterShell is executed only once the container has started. If we want to execute it as part of the container generation, we have to execute it inside a container to generate a layer.

macOS support for generating containers

Building containers on macOS is not currently supported, but it should be possible.

Native mapping of dependencies

Wouldn't it be cool if devenv could map language-specific dependencies to your local system? In this example, devenv should be able to determine that pillow requires pkgs.cairo:

{ pkgs, lib, ... }: {
  languages.python = {
    enable = true;
    venv.enable = true;
    venv.requirements = ''