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Automatic Shell Activation

You can configure devenv to seamlessly switch development environments when navigating between project directories.

This feature relies on a separate tool called direnv (not to be confused with devenv).

Installing direnv

  1. Install direnv
  2. Add the direnv hook to your shell

Using direnv

Once installed, you'll see a warning in your shell the next time you enter the project directory:

direnv: error ~/myproject/.envrc is blocked. Run `direnv allow` to approve its content

Run direnv allow to enable the environment. It'll now be automatically loaded and unloaded whenever you enter and exit the project directory.

$ cd /home/user/myproject/
direnv: loading ~/myproject/.envrc
Building shell ...
Entering shell ...

(devenv) $

Customizing PS1

If you'd like to use direnv and have your prompt be aware of it, we recommend installing Starship.