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Key Value
allowUnfree Allow unfree packages. Defaults to false.
allowBroken Allow packages marked as broken. Defaults to false.
inputs Defaults to inputs.nixpkgs.url: github:NixOS/nixpkgs/nixpkgs-unstable.
inputs.<name> Identifier name used when passing the input in your devenv.nix function.
inputs.<name>.url URI specification of the input, see below for possible values.
inputs.<name>.flake Does the input contain flake.nix or devenv.nix. Defaults to true.
inputs.<name>.overlays A list of overlays to include from the input.
imports A list of relative paths or references to inputs to import devenv.nix.
permittedInsecurePackages A list of insecure permitted packages.
clean.enabled Clean the environment when entering the shell. Defaults to false.
clean.keep A list of environment variables to keep when cleaning the environment.
impure Relax the hermeticity of the environment.

Added in 1.0

  • relative file support in imports: ./mymodule.nix
  • clean
  • impure
  • allowBroken


  • github:NixOS/nixpkgs/master
  • github:NixOS/nixpkgs?rev=238b18d7b2c8239f676358634bfb32693d3706f3
  • github:foo/bar?dir=subdir
  • git+ssh://[email protected]/NixOS/nix?ref=v1.2.3
  • git+https://git.somehost.tld/user/path?ref=branch&rev=fdc8ef970de2b4634e1b3dca296e1ed918459a9e
  • path:/path/to/repo
  • hg+https://...
  • tarball+
  • sourcehut:~misterio/nix-colors/21c1a380a6915d890d408e9f22203436a35bb2de?
  • file+https://
  • file:///some/absolute/file.tar.gz

An extensive example

allowUnfree: true
allowBroken: true
  enabled: true
    - EDITOR
    url: github:cachix/devenv-nixpkgs/rolling
    url: github:owner/myproject
    flake: false
    url: github:owner/myproject
      - default
  - ./frontend
  - ./backend
  - ./mymodule.nix
  - myproject
  - myproject/relative/path

Added in 1.0

  • relative file support in imports: ./mymodule.nix

What if a package is out of date?

  • Open nixpkgs repo and press t to search for your package.
  • Try to update/change the package using the nixpkgs contributing guide, optionally contacting the maintainer for help if you get stuck.
  • Make a PR and remember the branch name.
  • Add it to your devenv.yaml using the nixpkgs input in form of 'github:$GH_USERNAME/nixpkgs/master', edit devenv.yaml:
    url: 'github:$GH_USERNAME/nixpkgs/MYBRANCH'