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devenv 0.4


  • New command devenv info shows locked inputs, environment variables, scripts, processes and packages exposed in the environment.

  • Tracebacks are now printed with most relevent information at the bottom.

  • New option process.implementation allows you to choose how processes are run. New supported options are overmind and process-compose.

  • Instead of passing each input separately in devenv.nix, the new prefered and documented way is via inputs argument, for example inputs.pre-commit-hooks.

  • samjwillis97 contributed support for MongoDB.

  • shyim contributed MySQL/MariaDB support.

  • shyim made PHP configuration more configurable, for example you can now set extensions.

  • JanLikar improved PostgreSQL support to expose psql-devenv script for connecting to the cluster.

  • datakurre added robotframework support.

Bug fixes

  • Composing using inputs has been fixed.

  • It's now possible to use devenv on directories with spaces.

  • Update checker is no longer using environment variables to avoid some corner cases.