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Pre-Commit Hooks

devenv has first-class integration for pre-commit via pre-commit-hooks.nix.

We recommend a two-step approach for integrating your linters and formatters.

1) Make sure that commits are well-formatted at commit time

{ inputs, ... }:

  pre-commit.hooks = {
    # lint shell scripts
    shellcheck.enable = true;
    # execute example shell from Markdown files
    mdsh.enable = true;
    # format Python code
    black.enable = true;

In action:

$ devenv shell
Building shell ...
Entering shell ...

pre-commit installed at .git/hooks/pre-commit

If you commit a Python or Markdown file or a script, these hooks will run at commit time.

2) Verify formatting in CI

Run devenv ci.

See the list of all available hooks.