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Pre-Commit Hooks

devenv has first-class integration for pre-commit via pre-commit-hooks.nix.

Set up

We recommend a two-step approach for integrating your linters and formatters.

1) Make sure that commits are well-formatted at commit time

{ inputs, ... }:

  pre-commit.hooks = {
    # lint shell scripts
    shellcheck.enable = true;
    # execute example shell from Markdown files
    mdsh.enable = true;
    # format Python code
    black.enable = true;

In action:

$ devenv shell
Building shell ...
Entering shell ...

pre-commit installed at .git/hooks/pre-commit

If you commit a Python or Markdown file or a script, these hooks will run at commit time.

2) Verify formatting in CI

Run devenv ci.

See the list of all available hooks.

Managing the .pre-commit-config.yaml file

The .pre-commit-config.yaml file is a symlink to an autogenerated file in your devenv Nix store. It is not necessary to commit this file to your repository and it can safely be ignored. This file name will be added to your .gitignore file by default when you run devenv init.